Blondie Can’t U C

BLONDIE CANT U C also known as BLONDIE C aka BCUC bka
INTERNATIONAL FACEGLAZER has been described as wild, outspoken, crazy,
intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, loyal, extraordinary just to name a few.
BLONDIE C stepped into the entertainment field as an artist. BLONDIE C music can
be described as realistic grooves. Her music has been featured on HBO, OXYGEN
and SHOWTIME. BLONDIE C is also a poet and has traveled around the world
spitting her venom. BLONDIE C lives to entertain. She refuses to set any limitations
on what she is capable of accomplishing. BLONDIE C is also a dj. She has a mixtape
series entitled FACEGLAZEN. BLONDIE C is also a comedic actress with improv
being her favorite. She has been featured in movies such as Pain and Gain alongside
Mark Wahlberg. BLONDIE C has 3 radio shows, Blondie C Saga, Xtortion Show, and
In The Mix Live and has plans to add more. She is known for her unconventional
style of interviewing. You never know what question BLONDIE C will throw your
way. She has interviewed people as big as Rick Ross but prefers interviewing indie
artist just starting because they are more humble and less Hollywood.
BLONDIE C recently began a company called L.I.F.E. LADIES IN FULL
EFFECT, which is a support unit for ladies. Her goal with L.I.F.E. is to teach women
how to support each other’s endeavors without negativity. She admits this is a
difficult task but she is up for the challenge. BLONDIE C has an extensive resume
but still is hungry for more. She describes herself as a hustleholic. Any one that
comes in contact with BLONDIE C will gain a life long memory. She is definitely

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